About Us

LKD Technologies established in 2004 as Educational Solutions provider to schools, universities and other educational and training organizations. 

Our solutions support the educational organizations with new methods of teaching that will support the teachers in the classroom and improve their teaching methods and qualities.

LKD Technologies delivers state-of-the-art solutions from a network of partners whose solutions are tested and succeeded in many classrooms around the world.

It is our duty in LKD Technologies to develop the educational sector and its environment by introducing new and advanced educational resources and technologies that will enable our future workforce to succeed and improve our country’s competitiveness.


About Us
Our Vision

Our Vision

Equipping teachers with the right resources and knowledge to enable students to succeed.

Our Business

Our Business

Our business is Education.

We work hard to develop the educational institutions in our country and bring new methods and tools to improve teaching and learning. Some of the methods we introduced are:

  • Interactive Technologies in the classroom as a method for teaching and learning.
  • Science - Technologies - Engineering - and Math (STEM) Blend methodologies for teaching and learning.
  • Learning through Playing
  • Computational Thinking
  • 21st Century Skills in Education
  • Teaching for the 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Lifelong Kindergarten

Our Range

Our Range

We have a wide range of solutions for the Jordanian market from some of the best manufacturers / suppliers around the world. Our range include:

  • Interactive Solutions.
  • Manipulatives.
  • Robotics Solutions.
  • Storage and Charging Trolleys.
  • Educational Supplies.
  • Laboratories Supplies.
  • Classroom Management Solutions.
  • Zero Clients.
  • Electronics.
  • Coding.
  • 3D Printers – CNC – Laser Engraving.
  • Training and Professional Development